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The secret to successful use of technology in a corporate setting January 31, 2007

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The secret to successful use of technology in a corporate setting

By Ernest Svenson on Legal Tech

It’s sad how much money is wasted on technology. If you need transportation and you buy a car then you aren’t wasting money. But if the car doesn’t run properly so that you don’t use it then you have a problem. Corporations buy lots of technology. Amazingly, most of that money is wasted because they don’t know how to use technology properly.

What’s the secret to using technology well in a corporate world? I don’t really care, because I gave up on the corporate world. But, if I ever went back to that world, then it would have to be a company that understands this principle.


IP Due Diligence – put simply (with the 6 T’s) January 8, 2007

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Duncan Bucknell  talks about the  ‘6T’ framework for analysing IP issues.  This article uses the same framework to show you how to simply structure an IP due diligence. 

Just to remind you, here are the 6 T’s:

1 ­- Type of IP

2 – Time (until expiry)

3 – Territories (in which IP is held/registered)

4 – Terminated (ie the status of the IP)

5 – Technical Scope of the monopoly

6 – True monopoly? (validity)

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