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WHO is Right? GphA or PhRMA You Decide– August 14, 2006

Posted by mais in Patent.
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A recent independent study released by GPhA, challengded the findings of PhRMA study.
The study, “An Assessment of Authorized Generics: Consumer Effects and Policy Issues,” conducted by Dr. Aidan Hollis and Dr. Bryan A. Liang Reveals that Authorized Generics are Bad for Consumers, Lead to Higher Pharmaceutical Prices, leads to the dimnishing the Competition in the market and in long term would lead to reduced access to cheaper drugs to the consumers.

The PhRMA study concluded that:

the prices consumers pay will be virtually unchanged by the presence or absence of AGs noting that much of PhRMA’s alleged “discount” of prices associated with AGs is accounted for by higher brand name drug prices;

allowing authorized generic entry during the 180-day exclusivity period harms the incentives generic firms have to challenge invalid patents or develop products; and,

Authorized generics will lead generic firms to be less aggressive in competing against brand name firms and the ultimate losers will be consumers.