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Legal Outsourcing Industry April 18, 2005

Posted by mais in KPO, LPO.

Following list of selected legal outsourcing activity was compiled and is maintained by Joy London, author of the blog excited utterances and Ron Friedmann, President of Prism Legal Consulting, Inc and author of the blog Strategic Legal Technology.

We have observed with interest a recent trend by US law firms and law departments to outsource some legal work overseas. As bloggers, we have informally tracked legal offshoring activity and wanted to consolidate our observations in a single list. We hope that readers will offer updates, corrections, and comments as appropriate.

The primary focus of our list is offshore outsourcing by US firms and corporations of certain substantive and administrative legal functions, specifically
# Document drafting by lawyers
# Legal research
# IP legal work, substantive or administrative
# Review of discovery documents
# Paralegal services
# Administrative and secretarial support services, excluding digital dictation
The list does not include offshore litigation support coding or vendor-provided technology services. Nor does it include offshore vendors whose business does not focus primarily on the legal market.

A secondary focus of the list is selected outsourcing by US law firms or vendors within the United States. The inclusion criteria are loose but exclude outsourcing to US-based vendors of technology support, legal research, and copy/mail-room services. This type of outsourcing has occurred for years and is thus of less interest to us.

Our list is neither complete nor comprehensive. We assembled it based on web research, articles we have read, and people we have met. Each entry includes a source, either a web site or article. For web sites, we list the URL; for articles, we provide a citation. We checked URLs at the time we assembled the list. Where the source is an article, we have no way to track possible changes since the publication date.

We welcome comments, suggestions, and corrections from readers. We reserve the right to post reader comments at excited utterances and/or Strategic Legal Technology unless requested otherwise. If we receive corrections and/or suggestions for new entries, we will include them in periodic updates to the list.

List of Outsourced Legal Services

Organization                  Services           Location           Source             Notes    Date Added

  1. Accenture Corporation  Law dept. support (contracts)      Mauritius Corporate Legal Times,            Sep 2004,         reports company has set up owned and operated office in Mauritius for company legal work.          Mar 05

  2. Andrew Corp Corporation           Law dept. support (patents)         NZ        See Outsourcing Reaches Corporate Counsel,     The Recorder,         8/25/04             Mar 05

  3. General Electric Corporation      Law dept. support (contracts)      India     See Outsourcing Reaches Corporate Counsel,     The Recorder,         8/25/04             Mar 05

  4. General Mills Corporation          Patent work       NZ and Australia            See Corporate Legal Times article,          July 2003            Mar 05

  5. Microsoft Corporation    Patent work       India     See Briefed in Bangalore American Lawyer,         Nov 2004           Mar 05

  6. Baker & McKenzie Law Firm     Network ops & doc production     Philippines        See http://www.lwk.co.uk/ViewItem.asp?id=16509     Mar 05

  7. Bickel & Brewer Law Firm         Litigation Support           India     See also Briefed in Bangalore American Lawyer, Nov 2004            Mar 05

  8. Orrick Herrington Law Firm        Tech, finance, admin      US (Wheeling, WV)        See http://www.orrick.com/offices/goc/    Mar 05

  9. Atlas Legal Research Vendor    Legal research   India     See Briefed in Bangalore American Lawyer,         Nov 2004           Mar 05

  10. CBF Group      Vendor Secretarial & admin support         US (Fargo, ND)  Mar 05

  11. Docuserve        Vendor Reception, telephone & fax services, mail-room, printing & reprographics & hospitality functions            Scotland See http://news.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=199662005            Mar 05

  12. Evalueserve      Vendor IP work & market research          India     Mar 05

  13. Intellevate LLC Vendor Paralegal, docketing, technical research, proofreading, bookkeeping           India     See http://www.practicesource.com/ale/blog/pivot/entry.php?uid=standard-532             Mar 05

  14. Intercom India Vendor Legal transcription, legal coding   India     See http://www.globallawreview.com/outsourcing.html#Annexure         Mar 05

  15. Law Abroad      Vendor Legal work         S. Africa and UK            Not clear           if operational yet (see http://www.lawabroad.com/outsourcing.php)        Mar 05

  16. Lawwave          Vendor Legal research, IP analytics, doc review, back office India See also India Abroad article Jan 04 Mar 05

  17. Lexadigm         Vendor Legal research    India     Mar 05

  18. http://www.lexwerx.com/           Vendor Legal research    India     Specializes in insurance and re-insurance; has a UK office            Mar 05

  19. Manthan Services         Vendor Case management, legal transcription, data digitization & archiving             India     See http://www.globallawreview.com/outsourcing.html#Annexure         Mar 05

  20. Mindcrest        Vendor Legal process outsourcing, legal research & business research services     India     See http://www.globallawreview.com/outsourcing.html#Annexure         Mar 05

  21. http://www.officetiger.com/        Vendor Document processing, legal research, professional support, finance & accounting services           India     See http://www.hildebrandt.com/Documents.aspx?Doc_ID=1802   Mar 05

  22. QuisLex            Vendor Legal support services     India     Web site does not specify services          Mar 05



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